V-Mix Bio
Vertical Mixer

Thanks to the simple and robust design, V-Mix Bio vertical mixers are particularly suitable for processing the most difficult substrates, such as solid manure, grasssilage, etc. The tank is welded all around and thus prevents seepage juices from escaping. The feeders are equipped with a PTM weighing system as standard. Depending on requirements and application, the V-Mix Bio vertical mixers can be equipped with different metering and mixing augers.

V-Mix organic
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1 Screw mixer V-Mix Bio 1S

8-18 m³

2 Screw mixer V-Mix Bio 2S

25-40 m³

3 Screw mixer V-Mix Bio 3S

50-60 m³

Weighing system
PTM Advance Bio G420



Mixing screws
for dosing systems

with low own power consumption

Solid manure screw

Energy save screw

Stainless steel – solid manure screw